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All First Flights

Scott Serani, Dale Serani, and Jeffery Jones’s RV-14A | Erie, Colorado RV-14A #140497

Jeffrey writes in to tall us about the first flight of this RV-14A!

The first flight was delayed for several days by spark plug fowling that kept the lower plugs from firing. After cleaning all the oil off the lower plugs several times and getting the engine up to temperature we were able to get both EFII ignition systems firing all cylinders. The next day we were good to go- for a one hour and 23 minute flight consisting of 13 laps around the airport at 1800 feet AGL, 2500 rpm and wide open throttle. The Lycoming Thunderbolt with the EFII System 32 is a smooth running engine. Even without the wheel and gear fairing I was cruising at 160 knots. After 18 months of work it was great to see it all come together, The RV-14A flew GREAT! First landing was a piece of cake-almost a greaser….

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