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Scott Millhouse’s New RV-7A | Madison, Alabama RV-7A #72347

Congrats to Scott on the first flight of his new RV-7A! Scott has built a few RVs previously (RV-9A in 2007, RV-12 in 2015 and now an RV-7A), and wrote in to tell us about his newest:

“I previously built several RVs with my last build a RV-12 E-LSA. I finished this plane with dual Skyviews, a Lycoming IO-360 and Hartzell CS prop. I painted it with Polyfiber Aerothane with vinyl accents. Since I had not flown other than LSA for a few years I got transition training in a RV-7A. Today I flew my RV-12 first for practice. Everything seemed right for the 7’s first flight. Even with some nose down trim I was still surprised how quickly it lifted off, well before full throttle. I climbed over the airport to 4500′ and spent an hour at 75% power breaking in the new engine seeing 150 knot ground speeds even without wheel pants. Some slow flight, flap operation and approach to stalls before descending to the pattern. Did a typical approach with a go around to feel the plane out and then an uneventful landing. A few minor squawks to take care of and then on to Phase 1 testing and then going places at a faster pace.”

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