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Samuel Rousseau’s RV-7A | Pittsburgh, PA RV-7A #7-1386

Samuel wrote in to let us all know about the first flight of his RV-7A! And, not everyone who builds an RV is already a pilot – Each build and person is unique!

“Construction started in 2003. After five moves, N607R received airworthiness cert in October, 2015. First flight performed by “Popeye” Bill Flaherty on September 2, 2018, with no issues. After a pursuit of 49 years, I passed my pilot test and will transition train in May so that I too can experience the RV grin. Lycoming IO-360M1B, Hartzell constant speed, Dynon glass, Trio autopilot, vacuum back up.”

In addition, he sent us the following note regarding Bill Flaherty:

Hello All,

Having traveled a 12 year RV-7A construction odyssey, I would like to recognize the individual responsible for the successful completion of the project.

William “Popeye” Flaherty (RV-8) was a staunch advocate in all ways for Van’s aircraft and product.  He was there from the inception to completion of my project with assistance, advice, encouragement, and tool lending.  He also stepped up and volunteered to perform the first flight, a huge statement of faith in the airplane.

I feel that Bill is an avid ambassador for Van’s and we go to Bill for all things RV.

Congrats to both Samuel and Bill!

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