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Roberto Piovani’s RV-6 | Venice, Italy RV-6 #21397

Congratulations to Robert on the completion of his beautiful RV-6! He writes:

I got an RV-6 project from other builder. His name is Alessandro Mainini. Alessandro has already built two RV-6 and he left the 3rd one in his storage for 20 years. I re-start to built this RV-6 project on august 2021 and I work hard for many many evenings and lot of nights in my hangar for a year (RV-6 project was 65/70% already done). Finally, I flew my RV-6 on 2022 1st of July in the evening. After ground check list, I set the throttle at max power….in few meters the tail has rose and in others few seconds my RV-6 soared in flight.

I work (and built my RV-6) really close to the sea, a few miles from Venice and after engine instruments quick check, we (me and my RV-6) was in flight above the sea in a Venice sky clear evening. Many Hundreds of RV-6 are built in the world and I already flew some of my friend’s RV’s (RV-3, RV-7, RV-10), but to fly yours is the greates emotion you can feel as pilot…as builder pilot.

All in flight was ok and after 20 minutes, approacing airfield (ICAO name Lima India Kilo Echo)….final RW 11 and I land on my dream for 1st time.
Special thanks to Alessandro Mainini to give me his project…..special thanks at VAN’S for his kit, special thanks at my friends for their support as helpers but the greatest special thanks is for my family (and girlfriend) for their patience.


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