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Rick Krueger and Family’s New RV-7A | West Hartford, CT RV-7A #73987

Sometimes (often even!) it’s a family affair. Better watch what your kids ask for – they might get it! Congrats to Rick and family on the new airplane! We look forward to seeing and meeting you at AirVenture!

In 2010 my younger son, in middle school at the time, suggested we go to AirVenture, this after telling him of my visits to Oshkosh over the previous years for various business reasons. The rest is history, we went full immersion into EAA, driving non-stop and camping at Camp Scholler for the entire week year after year. With the excitement of Oshkosh my son suggested we build an RV. We received our RV-7A empennage kit in October of 2011, each got our private pilot license along the way including my older son, drove to North Carolina to buy an engine which we rebuilt, and with the help of great folks in our local EAA Chapter arrived at first fight on 9/26/2019. I owe great thanks to my family and especially my wife Robin who sacrificed our one car garage, and put up with us disappearing to work on the project for 8 years. Also thanks to our great supportive neighbors, excited by and cheering the project on, and at times providing shed space for wing storage. What a great adventure!

N353EK is powered by a 200hp IO360 with a constant speed Hartzell propeller, while the avionics are all Dynon (EFIS, Autopilot, radio, transponder, ADSB, EMS). We’re looking forward to finishing our phase 1 so we can go have some family fun, and realize our final project goal of flying into Oshkosh.

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