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Rick Gracely’s RV-6 | Durham, NC RV-6 #20494

Congratulations to Rick on his new RV-6! He writes:

Well, it took a little bit longer than I thought…

Sitting at the end of a runway, about to launch into the air in something you made yourself.

The plan was to exit the pattern straight ahead, climb to 3000 AGL, determine indicated landing speed and then enter the pattern and land. Checked altitude after the end of the runway and I was already at 3000! Landing was near textbook (Thanks Mike Seager!), opened the canopy and taxied back with the GRIN.

Now focused on engine break-in then the EAA flight test program. Thanks to Vans and all of the builders who have helped this now old guy along the way.

O360 with a CS prop, Near ready to fly in 1995. A long pause for all sorts of reasons. Began upgrades in 2017 with electric flaps, 2-axis autopilot, Garmin G3x and GTN650. One day there was nothing left to do.

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