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Richard Drown’s RV-14A | Chandler, AZ RV-14A #140286

Congrats to Richard on completion and first flight of his RV-14A! He writes:

I started building my RV-14A in 2016 and my first flight was on 10-21-2022. The building process was a labor of love. There was sweat. I live in Arizona and my hangar is not air conditioned. There was occasional blood. Metal is sharp! No Tears! I really enjoyed learning the new skills needed and the challenges I encountered during construction. I am grateful to the Van’s technical folks for their advice, as well as the help and expertise from my many friends in EAA Chapter 1445. A special thanks to Bill Casselbury for the hours he spent with me “pounding rivets.” The first flight could not have gone smoother. I was accompanied by Bob Meyer, an RV builder and flyer who served as a qualified pilot. The airplane flew exactly as advertised! The RV-grin indeed!!!

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