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Reilly Keen’s RV-12 | Johannesburg, South Africa RV-12 #120152

Congratulations to Reilly, who recently wrote in to tell us about the first flight of his new RV:

My RV-12 was built over a 12 year period. During this time I moved to a different house 4 times. Powered by an Aeromomentum AM15 engine. I have learned an unbelievable amount during this build and it has been a hugely rewarding experienced. The RV-12 now sits eyeball to eyeball with my RV-3 in my hanger. This is my 1st build and my 3rd RV which I have owned. My first flight was in October 2021 and I did 20 hours to run the engine in and make sure the cooling was all good after which it went in for final painting. I reassembled it at the Paint shop and then flew my completed beauty home on 18 December 2021

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