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Patrick Sheehan’s RV-9A | Auckland, New Zealand RV-9A #92055

Congrats to Patrick Sheehan in New Zealand, who writes in about the first flight of his new airplane:

Van’s RV-9A #92055 first flight Friday 5 April 2019 – The challenge for me was to personally learn and undertake all the disciplines needed to complete this 7 1/2 year build. 8 if you include the paperwork!

Lycoming 320 with the Sensenich fixed pitch running on P-Mags. Avionics by Dynon and Garmin, electrical is dual alternators and the EarthX battery managed by the VPX.

Special thanks to Test pilot Dave Wilkinson (ZK WLK – features in last years calendar). Van’s Aircraft for fantastic support and Dr and the many knowledgeable members who support the the VAF community.

Now whats all this I here about the RV-15 – where do I get a set of plans for one of those?

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