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Norris Brown’s RV-10 | Spokane, WA RV-10 #41818

Congratulations to Norris on his new RV-10!

Following retirement I built an RV-14A. My wife flew with me but wanted something easier for her to get in and out of. After she had a ride in an RV-10 the deal was sealed. First flight of N10NP was in June 2022 and the first long cross country was to AirVenture 2022. Living in the Pacific Northwest and flying over the cascade mountains dictated an IFR machine with deice capability. Thus she is equipped with a heated prop and heated pitot along with TKS spray to clear the windscreen. The wings and tail are deiced with an expulsive deice system. The avionics are all Garmin including three G3x touch screens with dual AHRS and dual magnetometers. Also included are dual IFR GPSs, plus autopilot, intercom, and transponder. The engine is a Lycoming Thunderbolt IO-540 with cold air induction and 10:1 compression controlled by the FlyEFII System32 electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition. The additional power in conjunction with the three blade MT prop provides very energetic acceleration during the short TO roll. The interior from South Florida Aviation is color matched with the paint. As this is written in Jan 2023 I have logged 142 hours and look forward to many more. Just need to get around to painting the wheel pants….

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