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Nathan Chapman’s RV-7 | Munglinup, Western Australia RV-7 #74550

Congratulations to Nathan! He writes:

After 5 years of building my RV-7 took to the sky for the 1st time. It was a great day with a few friends coming out to watch. The plane flew flawlessly and I have now finished the 25hr testing phase. It’s been an awesome experience that has been challenging at times but I couldn’t be happier about what I have achieved. Big thanks goes out to David Wohling for being my Technical Counsellor. He helped me do everything to a high standard and assisted with building my RV along the way. Our RV community kept me motivated with regular RV flights. Thanks also goes out to my wife Aimee for making sure I didn’t lose focus on my dream. Thanks to Bill Keehner for the C of A. Van’s you make a amazing kit!

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