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Mike Weed’s RV-8 | Venice, Florida RV-8 #82883

Congratulations to Mike! He writes:

Excelsior flies! 

10 years, 2000+ hours and one hurricane (note lack of hangar doors!).
Standard build, Titan IOX-370, C/S, G3X, GNX375, A/P, Lemke seats, John Stahr paint. Started build in the family room (with encouragement from awesome wife Kathy), finished in a new airconditioned man-cave/shop. Wearing my RV-6 anniversary shirt in homage to the many years of enjoyment I got in my RV-6A. First flight by my good friend and super experienced pilot Harvey. Chase by RV-8 driver and formation bud Lonn.
A few minor issues to work out, nothing major, and a lot of “button-olgy” to learn! Traditional major milestone toast with the good stuff.

Plan to start the QB RV-8 Jan 1!

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