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Mickey Coggins’ New RV-8 | Switzerland RV-8 #82007

Congrats to Mickey in Switzerland, who writes to inform us:

I’m delighted to announce that my RV-8 is now flying! So many people to thank – Emmett, Sosthene, Heinz, Karl, Georg, Dan, Marcel, Anne, Claudio, Michel, Eric, Jon, Thierry, Chris, Emad, Vincent, Olivier, Catherine, all the amazing people at Doug Reeves’ VAF, and probably a dozen other people that helped me with the project. Sincere thanks to my entire family who was very supportive at every step. The Experimental Aviation of Switzerland (EAS) support and guidance was outstanding, as was the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA).

A special “Merci” to Mr. Richard E. VanGrunsven and his team for producing such an excellent design and then packaging it so that even a regular guy like me could build and fly my own aircraft.

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