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Michael Linett’s Completed RV-10 | Denton, Texas RV-10 #41724

Congratulations to Michael and July on their new airplane! They wrote in to tell us:

July and I took just over 3 years to build the RV-10 quick build kit. We have a Barrett engine, Hotel Whiskey extended tanks, Anti Splat cowl flaps, airflow air conditioning and a panel by Rob Hickman’s team at advanced. Mel Asberry inspected the plane on 10/25/19 and we got it ready for the first flight on 10/26/19. Our first flight was from 5TX0 to KGLE where we met Justin Wylie in his RV10.

July and I could not have built the plane without the help of our friends and neighbors Marc Wiese, Matt Plaisier, Rick Kazubec, Joe Migis, John Watson, Bob van Duyn, Myron Nelson, Justin Wylie, Gary Zilik, and Tony Kirby.

Special thanks to Rhonda Bewley and Allan Barrett for a great engine and Rob Hickman for all of his help.

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