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Max and Elaine Cloward’s RV-7A | Draper, Utah RV-7A #71170

Congratulations to Max and Elaine on their new RV-7A! Max writes:

Wheels up was almost exactly on schedule at 10:30am this morning, Saturday November 20 2021. What a wonderful experience! Gently apply power, the airplane started to accelerate. Then nearing full power the airplane jumped forward. At 50 kts slight back pressure, the nose came up to the horizon then we were in the air. We meaning the airplane and I. Solid and smooth, we climbed then turned right crosswind, by the time we were entering downwind pattern altitude had been reached. Still with full power we climbed to 6500mst which was 1300 feet above pattern altitude. Around the pattern we went then on the third down wind some clouds started to move in. Reluctantly the power was pulled back then an approach and flight down the runway. This felt good and a go around was initiated with a setup for landing. First flight, no flaps as recommended by the flight test manual, the approach was slightly more shallow but smooth and consistent with recent training. Leveling off and into ground effect, speed diminishing then smooth (greased) touchdown. The airplane flew straight, level and solid. No trim was needed on any axis, what a wonderful flying machine, What a wonderful experience, wait, I already said that.

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