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Matthew Myers’ RV-12iS | Toledo, WA (KTDO) RV-12iS #121295

Congratulations to Matthew on his new RV-12iS! He writes:

I started my dream when the pandemic was fresh news in early 2020. My Father and I took a trip south for a factory tour. Met by a busy staff -they were happy to give a tour of the facility. After the tour The Man himself Now President of Van’s Aircraft offered to give a demo flight for both of us. The Knowledge of the RV12Is he holds was shocking to every detail. I was sold! Yes they had the tail kit in stock and I picked it up a few weeks later. I got caught up in the COVID delays and my plans to fly the airplane to OSH-22 for the Vans 50th diminished. I still went and was able to witness Mr. VAN honored at the homebuilt Pavilion with his name permanently affixed in history. I continued on working hard to realize my Dream. First flight Was as expected, PERFECTION and total performance as promised. I was grateful to use the generous veterans discount while building, I am an ARMY veteran of the first Gulf War 90-91 and Proud to fly a RED/WHITE and BLUE airplane that I painted myself.

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