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Mark Renshaw’s New RV-8A! | Bathurst NSW Australia RV-8A #82452

Congratulations to Mark in Australia. He writes:

I am the third owner of RV-8A kit SN 82452. It only had the tail & landing gear completed. It was a good kit at the right price and was already in Australia. I thought it would be a good project in my maintenance workshop when the aircraft servicing was quite!! Sourced a prop strike engine core AEIO-360. We rebuilt the engine to new limits. This was fitted with the Showplanes cowl. Aircraft was painted in PPG paint. The First flight was on a Saturday afternoon 15 Feb 2020. I had not planned to fly it on the Saturday afternoon as that is when we usually have a few beers in the hanger and I really didn’t want a crowd around. But it was perfect weather and no real reason not to fly it. So I took it up for a quick 20 min flight. Got the RV grin, then back for a couple of beers in the hangar to celebrate.

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