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Mark Fotherby and Brian Lloyd’s RV-12iS | Popham Airfield, Hampshire, UK RV-12iS #121019

Congratulations to Woodies Aircraft Factory on their new RV-12iS:

Brian Lloyd, myself, Mark Fotherby, and Robbie Stewart, collectively known as Woodies Aircraft Factory embarked on our big adventure in March 2017. This marked the date when the first pieces of metal were cut, and the first of many, many rivets were set. It all seemed very worthwhile when our test pilot, John Price, himself a dedicated RV12iS builder, fired up the trusty Rotax and took to the skies in G-WAFI for the first time over Popham Airfield, Hampshire, UK on Friday 18th November 2022. Just shows you what can happen when blokes get together in their local pub, (Woodies Free House) and consume beer. There is a video at that gives some insight into the momentous occasion:

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