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Mark Dupont’s New RV-14A | Aiken, SC RV-14A #140236

Congrats to Mark on his new RV-14a, and for being chosen to display it at Oshkosh this year in the Lycoming booth! His report:

After 3 years of construction, N435MD took flight for the first time. The plane is even more fun to fly than it was to build, and I really enjoyed the building process. My friend Henry King (N144VT) and I were building our RV-14As at the same time, which was great for motivation, sharing tools (and parts), and lessons-learned. One photo was taken by Doug Reeves (VAF) when I picked the plane up at the Glo Aircraft paint shop the week before Oshkosh. The other photo shows N435MD on display at the Lycoming booth at Oshkosh. It is a great kit and an amazing flying machine.

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