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M Turner Billingsley’s RV-14A | Ponte Vedra, FL RV-14A #140338

News just in from Turner, who’s RV-14A was inspected and approved by Vic Syracuse of Base Leg Aviation, and then flew for the first time on Tuesday April 16th!

“Today Vic Syracuse came down and conducted the airworthiness inspection, we completed the paperwork, and he flew the first flight with me.  It was a bit briefer than planned, due to a trim issue (#*#_** micro molex connectors!!) but otherwise uneventful.  Weather was perfect, and the airplane flew as expected.”

Read more about his first flight at: https://turnerb14a.blogspot.com/2019/04/the-end-of-long-journey-big-day-finally.html

See Turner’s RV-14Aairplane build blog at https://turnerb14a.blogspot.com/

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