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Lee Kitson’s RV-8 | Harleysville, PA RV-8 #83430

Congrats Lee on the completion and first flight on his RV-8! He reports:

My RV-8 took to the skies for the first time on Dec. 4th with Nigel Speedy at the controls. It was a perfect day for a test flight with low clear skies and low winds. Nigel reported that it flew great and there were only a few minor squawks.

The airplane was a 7 ½ year project built from slow build kits. It features a Superior IO-360 engine with a Whirlwind 72HRT constant speed prop, a Dynon Skyview HDX system and an Avidyne IFD-440 navigator.

I really enjoyed the build process and am excited to move on the flight test phase.

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