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Larry Gray’s RV-14A | Merrimack, New Hampshire RV-14A #140367

Congratulations Larry!

This RV-14A was an absolute joy to build. Between my son and I we have about 3500 hours into the build. This was a slow build all the way. As a result, I know every inch of the plane. I also wired the Garmin G3X IFR capable panel and did the paint job myself. Seats and carpet were made by ClassicAero.

The first flight was amazing. I’ll admit I was pretty nervous, but when I pushed the throttle forward and felt the acceleration, after that was pure joy. The plane flew beautifully. The ball was perfectly centered with no aileron or rudder trim. The air traffic controller even commented on how quickly the airplane climbed. The visibility through the canopy is amazing. I’m looking forward to many more flights.

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