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Krea Ellis’ RV-10 | Locust Grove, GA RV-10 #41694

Congrats to Krea Ellis, who writes in to share the first flight he and his son made in this new RV-10!

After 4000+ hours of build time, N10KE took to the air at Newnan-Coweta County Airport (KCCO) on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. My son Keith was PIC and I accompanied him as a Qualified Pilot using the provisions of the Additional Pilot Program.

The SDS equipped, Penn Yan Aero built IO-540 performed beautifully as we were airborne in less than 1000’, despite holding the airplane on the ground longer than normal. Engine and oil temperatures were a bit high, but not unexpected with a new engine running at high power settings.

We are looking forward to completing Phase I, getting the aircraft painted next year at Evoke Aviation in Gadsden, AL and then enjoying traveling in this great cross country machine.

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