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Klaus Knop and Ricardo Guzman’s New RV-14A | Viña Del Mar, Chile RV-14A #140267

Congratulations to Klaus and Ricardo on their new RV-14A!

This RV-14A was built by Klaus Knop and Ricardo Guzman in Viña Del Mar, Chile. Construction started in June 2016 from a complete kit and finished June 2018.

Installed is a Lycoming OM-390 210HP engine with a 2 blade propeller. The aircraft is fitted with two Garmin G3X Touch screens and a G5, NAV/COM units with auto-pilot. It weighs 1289 pounds empty.

The first flight was piloted by RV-7 owner Hernan Santibañez on June 29, 2018. The flight was so perfect and stable we thought the auto-pilot must be engaged.

Thank you Richard VanGrunsven and the Van’s team. We will have the Van’s grin for the rest of our lives.

Klaus Knop and Ricardo Guzman

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