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Kevern Brown’s RV-10 | Eagle Creek Airfield, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa RV-10 #41813

Congratulations to Kevern on his new RV-10! He writes:

A month or so ago I had the privilege of doing the maiden flight on my friends RV-10, Today was my turn. Arrived at the airfield without any expectations, methodically cowled the aircraft up and went through all the attach points one last time. I had performed one initial start, second start I was hoping would culminate in the maiden flight. Backtracked the runway not in use and did the run up at the holding point, lined up for a high speed full power test run, this little test went flawlessly. At the other end of the runway after all checks done I lined up for the first flight, as all Van’s aircraft do, this RV-10 was no different, she lifted off at 65kts and quickly gained speed. ZU-IPN flew straight and true, no heavy wing or any adjustments to make.

ZU-IPN has a Lycoming I0-540 with a three blade metal propellor.

Instrumentation includes two 10’’ HDX Dynon EFI Screen’s. Dual GPS Dual com with intercom. Dynon Autopilot. Full leather upholstery with padded side panels and black woven carpet set.

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