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All First Flights

Justin Wylie’s RV-10 | Oklahoma City, OK RV-10 #41665

Hard to believe my first few flights are completed. I purposely didn’t make a big thing about them and only a few knew that I decided I ‘might’ go up today. With my flight plan in hand and the weather cooperating I made the decisions to give it a go.

What a rush taking off for the first time in something you built. She performed as expected, having 20 something hours in another RV-10 I had somewhat of an idea of what I was getting into. I actually did two short flights, the first being 25 mins and the second being about 20. Happy to say nothing is leaking and nothing flew off the plane! I have a few things I’m going to look into but expect to fly again in fairly short order. Plan is to do a proper phase 1 testing program and then get her painted.

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