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Joop Sint Jago’s RV-7 | The Netherlands RV-7 #74612

A big congratulations to Joop Sint Jago on the completion and first flight of this new RV-7 in The Netherlands!

Five years and a bit after my son and I started the tail-kit class at Synergy (Eugene), PH-YAR took the skies for the first time. And there was no sign that this was her first time. She flew into the sky both confidently and elegantly.

Building my RV-7 wasn’t just a technical learning process. Besides the joy of being creative and building “something nice,” there were often times one has to deal with challenges and disappointments. But at the end of the day everything turns out to be worth it and there is only room for the Famous Grin.

My RV ended up being exactly how I wanted it to be. At first I wanted a conventional panel with steam gauges. I have spent a large part of my career behind glass and therefore wanted to go back to “basics”. But especially the decision of the Dutch government to allow IFR flights for amateur built has driven me to a full glass panel.

The engine is an IO-360-M1S supplied by Aerosport and it was a pleasure participating in the assembly through the build school. The engine has an EFII electrical ignition.

The livery on the tail and cowling is based on the work of M.C. Escher (mcescher.com), a well-known Dutch graphic artist who used to live in the same block as where I now live. YAR means: Yet Another RV.


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