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John Price’s RV-12iS | Rochester Airport, Great Britain RV-12iS

John wrote in to let us know about the recent completion of his RV-12iS! He writes:

Having never had a go at anything as complicated as this, I pulled the trigger and away we went! I found opening all the boxes and looking inside quite daunting and, to be honest, quite overwhelming. So I carried out a full inventory and had a good look at what I had let myself in for. If anything I felt more overwhelmed than before. I decided to start at the beginning, so having read through the first 50 pages of the KIA, twice, we were off! Applying primer to all the internal surfaces, pretty much essential in our maritime climate. This was a faff, as was abrading, cleaning and all other manor of preparation. But you start with fabricating 3 small bits, these come together to make a larger bit. You take 3 larger bits to make something that looks like something that ought to belong to an aircraft. Before long you reach a recognizable part. The whole build is like that. Just down the road there is always a success!

2 1/2 years later and well all that remained was test flying and painting. As I write this all that remains is painting.

It’s a credit to the design and ethos that the only adjustments neccessary, were to the stall warner and rudder trim.

I was given two pieces of excellent advice
1. Don’t try to build the 100% aircraft. It’ll never fly because there will allways be something to tweak or modify or adjust. 95%-97% will do.
2. Get onto a Facebook/Watts App/builder forum. Let others share your pain as you share theirs. Help is only a text away!

All you need is in the kit just add fluids and paint!

So don’t just read this and dream, take the plunge!

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