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John Price’s New RV-7! | Plattsmouth, NE RV-7 #73675

Congrats to John on the first flight of his new RV-7! He writes:

Flight was uneventful, YIO360-M1B with 72″ Hartzell CS prop (Vans engine/prop package), Dual 10″ G3X, GTN650, GMC307, GTR200, GTX45R, G5, GMA245, VPX PRO, left PMAG/right Slick.

168kts TAS at 75% power, 6500 ft msl at 21 deg F.

A little over 2 hours on first flight at 75% and 65% power to seat rings. CHT’s in initial climb were a little over 400 F, then 380 F in cruise. At end of flight in cruse they were about 358 F all 4 within about 15 F of each other. Oil temp was 158 F max, a little low.

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