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John and Chris Shaw’s RV-9A | Johannesburg, South Africa RV-9A #92113

Congratulations to John and Chris. They write:

After three years and nine months of work, our RV-9a was finally read to fly. With the weather forecast looking good, we gathered at Krugersdorp airfield on a cold winter’s morning. ZU-SRV was pulled out of the hangar and the pre-flight checks done. Then, in the capable hands of test-pilot Dale De Klerk, she taxied out to the departure end of the runway, lined up, and full power applied. Tracking straight, she accelerated down the runway for an uneventful take-off and Dale spent the next 45 mins circling the airfield before bringing her back for a smooth landing. Dale reports that she flies straight and true, much to the relief of the builders!

Thanks to Van’s for a great airplane and we are looking forward to many more hours flying our new baby!

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