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Jim Moshonsky’s RV-10 | Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada RV-10 #41936

Congratulations to Jim on his new RV-10! He writes:

After just over 3 years and 2,700 hours of building – our dream airplane finally flew. With help from my grown adult children and most especially my wife, our RV-10 was complete. Building in isolation in a remote part of Canada made the build somewhat difficult at times but with the support of the Van’s mothership and various online Van’s forums and information sites, it worked out in the end. My first flight in my RV-10 was almost literally my first flight in an RV-10, after having only flown in one two weeks before in South Africa while on a Self flying Safari. The airplane has exceeded my expectations and the more I fly it – the more I love it. Looking forward to exploring all of North America and, once my fly off period is complete, checking out my son in the airplane so he can share the experience with his family.

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