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Jeffrey Rich’s RV-10 | New Albany, Indiana RV-10 #41459

Congratulations to Jeffrey, on the completion and first flight of his RV-10! He sent in this report:

A successful first flight doesn’t happen without the help of a LOT of people. As a community, we’re very fortunate to have so many vendors who understand the needs of the amateur homebuilder. I have the added bonus of being at an airport with several award-winning builders who have been more than generous sharing their knowledge and experience (and occasionally their tools). But the icing on the cake is being married to a phenomenal build partner. She did so much prep work while I was away from home on trips. She was a pro with the bucking bar. And I didn’t mix a drop of resin or lay-up a single strip of fiberglass. (The amount of sanding I did do is statistically insignificant.)

I thank you all.

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