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James A. Walkers New RV-10! | Birmingham, AL RV-10 #40007

Congratulations to repeat RV-builder James on the first flight of his RV-10!

We purchased the kit from the builder in 2008 in Colorado who had built the tail section and loaded it in a truck and drove it to Alabama. We began working on it right away, working on it as time and funds permitted. We selected a new Lycoming YIO-540-D4A5 from Van’s for our power plant with a Hartzell 3 blade prop from South Coast propellers, and Garmin G3X Touch, GTN 750 for avionics suite.

The first flight was a dream come true on 7/1/19 and went smooth and uneventful, as expected. Even on a hot 97 degree day in Alabama, at 7500 MSL all temps were good and it performed awesome.

Side note: I had built an RV-7A (N196VA) in 2006 that was on the cover of the RVator in 2006.

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