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Ian Chapman’s New RV-6 | Auckland New Zealand RV-6 #23570

Congratulations to Ian Chapman, who write in about his first flight:

On Sat 12 Oct 2019 after 25 years of construction Van’s RV-6 ZK-VNZ #23570 took to the air with David Wilkinson (RV-8 ZK-WLK) at the controls.

It was fantastic watching an aircraft that one has constructed in the garage at home lining up on the runway, taking off and flying above the airfield.

VNZ has a Lycoming O-320 with a Sensenich metal fixed pitch prop.

The panel is VFR steam gauges with a Garmin G5 electronic attitude as a token gesture to modern avionics

Big thanks to my wife Lynley (excellent with a rivet gun and bucking bar) for her support, Van’s Aircraft for a wonderful kit plane and members of the Sport Aircraft Association for assistance and advice.

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