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Ian Beaton / Theo Arrenbrecht’s RV-10 | Johannesburg, South Africa RV-10 #41049

Congratulations to Ian and Theo on their new RV-10, they write:

Everything worked as planned, a few minor squawks, nothing to prevent further progress and flight, and three of the four sorted already, the final one to wait for the oil change. Flies absolutely beautifully. perfectly straight, no trim required. A huge thanks to Theo my building partner and our long suffering wives (Carol, Ian’s wife and Sandi, Theo’s wife) for the time to do this. Carol for putting up with the build in the workshop at home and supplying lunches and teas. Finally Trevor Warner for the test flight, glad it all worked pretty much as planned and looking forward to completing proving flights and then going somewhere. A special mention to Craig MacMurray for the moral support and Oscar Mosedi for painting our baby, Miguel for the upholstery.

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