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Hough van Wyk’s New RV-7 | Cape Town South Africa, Morning Star Airfield RV-7 #74325

My RV has a Superior XP 360 with a Sensenich fixed pitch prop. I installed a single 10-inch Dynon HDX panel with only a ASI and Altimeter analog backup.

After a thorough preflight by by myself and my test pilot, we started up and taxied to the threshold. We did a quick power check and then it was time to line up on the runway and give it horns. The take of roll was brief.

Suddenly we were at 1000ft. What a magic moment after 5 years of building!!! Grins were huge! After a quick circuit we routed into the countryside to give the motor a proper run in. We set RPM to 2600 and kept it there for pretty much the whole flight. We kept the spats off initially to slow things down a bit… All temperatures and pressures were perfectly within range

We then proceed to do do few stalls in both clean and with flaps, nothing out of the ordinary, just a gentle onset into the stall and normal recovery process gets you flying with virtually no altitude loss.

After about 1 hour of full/just shy of full throttle, we headed back to the airfield and did a normal circuit with an approach of 80 kts. We did a smooth wheeler landing and just like that the maiden flight was over.

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