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Greg Walker’s RV-8A | Aledo, Texas RV-8A #81231

Congrats to Greg, who writes in with this report about the first flight of his new RV-8A:

What a day! Conditions could not have been more perfect. After almost 20 years of off and on building – the time finally came! Did a practice flight with instructor Patrick Richardson and me in the right seat of his RV-7A (stick in correct hand). Took the runway at KGDJ, climbed up to 5500 feet, and made many laps around the airport. Don Christiansen (Tech Counselor) pulled up behind me in RV-8 Yellow Bird to look things over. Andy Duff (RV-4 Builder) provided ground support and video recording. Flight was uneventful except for a heavy left wing. Can’t say enough about the extremely helpful RV community throughout the build and test process!

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