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Greg Vosper’s RV-7A First FLight | Toronto, CANADA RV-7A #73657

Greg reports on the recent first flight of his new RV-7A!

Van’s Aircraft Kit #73657 took to the skies on December 18, 2018, exactly eight years to the day from the first rivet squeezed, thus realizing my life long dream of building and flying my own aircraft. Better late than never! RV alumni and test pilot extraordinaire Peter Burrowes had the official honors as pilot in command of the highly anticipated first flight.

First flight was completed with no major issue other than the requisite RV-Grin upon touchdown. They are right!, It doesn’t wash off!

C-GVOS performed as advertised and all the the numbers were/are right on the money. She calls CNC3, Brampton/Caledon airport home as this is where she was born and lives. My 7A is light on the stick, extremely responsive and very well balanced as all RV builders and pilots can attest to.

Many heartfelt thanks to all of my friends and family for their patience, encouragement, advice and hands on rivet banging and wrench spinning. This would not have been possible without you. Special thanks to Jim Mosur, Neil Kryswick, Al Dyck, Doug Buchanan and engine expert Mike Titus. Thanks to wizard painter Roland Kruyff for shooting the super cool color scheme. (Who says I can’t have a black airplane!?)

Thanks to Van’s Aircraft for putting together an awesome kit that is simply a pleasure to build and to fly.

Engine is a Lycoming IO360 B1E 180 HP with Superior cold air sump and Hartzell constant speed prop.

I look forward to many fantastic adventures with my wonderful new flying machine!

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