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Greg Barnes’ RV-7 | Stuart, Florida RV-7 #73557

Congratulations Greg! He writes:

After nine and a half years of hard work (and a lot of learning on my part), my RV-7 finally took to the air. Many thanks to all of the people that helped me make this possible. I can’t image that I would have ever been able to complete it without all of their help. The aircraft preformed amazingly well on its first flight. It’s a testament to the quality of the Van’s kits and their awesome customer support.

My airplane is powered by a Lycoming Thunderbolt YIO-360-M1B engine. The cockpit is equipped with an Advanced Flight Systems panel and finished off with a Classic Aero Designs interior. I can’t say enough good things about these companies and their customer support.

Dave Walsh (a fellow RV owner) accompanied me on the first flight acting as my Qualified Pilot in accordance with the FAA’s Additional Pilot Program for Phase 1 Flight Tests. Thanks to him for making the first flight such an enjoyable experience.

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