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Giulio Givo Volpe’s RV-7 | Padova, Italy RV-7 #74778

Congratulations to Giulio on his new RV-7! He writes:

I have been flying for 5 years with my previous RV-7 with which I did about 500 hours. Mainly long distance flights throughout Europe often with my partner Anna, who is also a Pilot. I love the RV-7 because it’s a fast and fun plane and also easy at the end. But I always thought that flying with an airplane that you built, with your own hands it is an even greater satisfaction. Building your own plane also gives you the opportunity to get to know it deeply, to adapt it to your preferences and your favorite mission profile. I retired in 2019 and thought this was the right time to try. It took me 4 years and 2000 hours of work without counting those necessary to document, study (and also understand the complex imperial system that you in the US insist on using 😉). It was a long journey that was not always easy but in the end, on January 20, 2023, I made my first flight. It was a bit like being reborn, rarely at my age (I’m 70 now) you feel such strong emotions. The first flight was a non-event and I was pleasantly surprised by how the injection and electronic magnets make the engine run in a much smoother way.

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