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Fred Fallis’ RV-9A | Fayetteville, Arkansas - KFYV RV-9A #92071

Congratulations Fred! He writes:

After a 9 1/2 year slow build, N322RV, a RV-9A took to the skies for her maiden flight on Oct. 4, 2021. With some very good transition training I was able to complete the first flight which resulted in no major issues. I was amazed at how smooth and responsive the RV-9A flew. The plane is powered by a Lycoming IO-320 D1A with a Sensenich GA composite prop. Avionics are by Dynon (SkyView Classic series) with an instrument panel by Advanced Panel. Thanks to my wife, who became very good at driving rivets, my family and friends, VAF, Van’s Tech support, Tom Swearengen, Jonathon @ Advanced Panel and many others for their help and encouragement. I presently have 32.2 hours on the hour meter and am looking forward to completing the 40 hours and am moving on to phase 2.

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