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Franz Piller’s RV-8 | Laaer Strasse 55, 2135 Neudorf im Weinviertel, AUSTRIA Vans RV-8 #82059

RV-8 slow build #82059

I forgot to inform you about my first flight in my new Van’s RV-8 – callsign OE-VFP. After 9 years slow-build time first flight was in June 2018 by my friend and also RV-8 builder Wolfgang Paungartner. After some training flights with Wolfgang, i was flying my airplane alone and safely.

Equipped with ECI Titan IOX-360 180HP, 2-blade propeller from Othmar Wolf, Christen 801 series inverted oil system, 2 light speed plasma III ignitions, injection system EX360-3 from precision airmotive LLC, MGL iEfis with integrated autopilot, RV-8 aviator leather seats from classic aero designs and interior panels RV-8 from flightline interiors LLC.

Now I have 25 hours on the aircraft and after some small corrections the plane works perfectly.

Thanks to Van’s Aircraft for this wonderful aircraft – thanks to Othmar Wolf , the president of the Austrian amateur aircraft builders club – Mark Wrathal from AustroControl, the Austrian authority for aviation – Austrian RV builder Rudi Dallinger, Wolfgang Paungartner and Christian Muigg and all colleagues from the IgoEtrich club Austria, who helped me.

You can find a little report about my RV project in german language on Austrian Amateur Builder homepage:

and some videos on youtube:

Best regards from Austria,

Franz Piller

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