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First Flight of Charlie Derk’s New RV-10! | Park Ridge, NJ RV-10 #41673

Congratulation to Charlie Derk, who sends his RV-10 first flight report!

Four years and 5 months of blood, sweat and tears finally paid off as N688CD took her maiden voyage on Monday. What a thrill. Everything worked as it should and the plane was a dream to fly. Pretty amazing feeling when you start barreling down the runway and lift off – you can’t help but smile, thinking to yourself, “Wow – I built this thing myself.” But then you realize that while technically that is true, the reality is that you built it with a ton of friends. The Van’s community is amazing, and I definitely would not be where I am without them. From Van’s technical support, various vendors, to the online communities, to the many friends I’ve met along the way – they’ve all pitched in. Thank you all – 2 hours down, 38 more to go until I can start using this for what I built it for – cross country flying!



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