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Eulice Curington’s RV-10 | Melbourne, Florida RV-10 #40128

Congrats to Eulice on his new RV-10, which he recently flew for the first time! He writes:

Took me thirteen years and one month to build my RV-10. A couple of the years were spent mostly with me getting my privates certificate. Slow build kits, just about everything done by me, including wiring and paint. Wife Wanda, and two sons Mike and Mark helped when I needed. First flight and first hours flown by a good friend, Keith Davidson. Minor squawks on the first flight. Although the only thing I have to compare the RV-10 with is the Cessna 152 and 172 I trained in, I Love this plane. Vans YIO-540 engine, Hartzell blended prop, Dual GRT HX displays, Garmin 430W primary radio.

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