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Ernest Brock’s RV-14 | Fair Oaks, California RV-14 #140097

Congratulations to Ernest on his new RV-14! He writes:

I ordered my tail kit at Oshkosh in 2013 and started building the following October. After many years of enjoyable building with a couple down years interspersed, the first flight was last May. I have now flown 75 hours and just recently got it painted. I worked with Evoke Paint Design for the paint scheme and Kracon Aircraft did the painting. The avionics are Garmin dual G3X, GTN650 and auto pilot with a VPX Pro electronic power controller. I installed a smoke system and I’ve been enjoying flying formation with my friends. It is way better than my previous Mooney – better visibility, maneuverability and power. And it does aerobatics and is great for flying cross country! Total performance.

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