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EAA Chapter 179 & High Desert Flyers Association | Albuquerque, NM RV-12 #120094

Congrats to EAA Chapter 179 and the High Desert Flyers Association on the fiust flight of their flying-club RV-12!

First Flight = 9/6/2022 and it took a village to get there!

An RV-12 kit donated by the estate of James Crouse in July 2020 to EAA Chapter 179 got the ball rolling . . .  Yes, in the heart of COVID! A Chapter 179 team rolled down to Carrizozo, NM to pick up a huge box and partially built wings. And through a fortuitous find on the web, the Chapter had an assembled empennage delivered, courtesy of Adam Coffey and Chapter 1 in Flabob, CA. Over the next 27 months a Chapter 179 based army came together to pound, rivet, cut, and form a bunch of pieces into a flying machine!! The airplane is now owned by High Desert Flyers Association, a flying club with 10 members. One member owns an RV-7A, another an RV-4, another an RV-6A and another is building an RV-14A. Obviously, several members know a great product when they get to build and fly one!

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