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All First Flights

Don Eisele’s RV-14 | N57 Pennsylvania RV-14 #140329

Congrats to Don, who writes:

First flight was flown by my good friend and fellow builder, Matt S. It was a beautiful, clear October day, and N1477M leapt into the air authoritatively! The airplane performed flawlessly for the approximately one hour duration. The only squawk was a minor oil leak found after removing the cowling..

Second and third flights were the next day with me at the controls. What a feeling, flying an airplane I built, and not just any airplane, but a smooth, well-tuned, high-performance Van’s RV-14!

I reported the flight to Van’s timely by phone; I was told N1477M was the 82nd RV14/14A to fly.  Now with approximately 340 hours on my RV-14, I could not be happier with it!

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