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Denis Bergeron’s RV-7A | Kingston Ontario Canada RV-7A #72156

A belated report, but exciting and fun – Congrats to Denis!

“After almost 40 years of flying helicopters it was time to fly some fixed wing A/C. After 12 years of part time building it all came together on Nov. 15, 2018. C-GWHL took off from Kingston (CYGK) and went up for initial flight. The A/C flew straight and level. Did some slow flight and a few stalls to check handling. I have 54 hours on A/C and what an easy plane to fly. Boy this is too much fun I should have finished this a long time ago. You builders don”t despair keep bucking. Thanks to my friends who helped and my wife who did 80% of the work on the rivet gun.”

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