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David Rohrlick’s new RV-12iS | Powell, OH RV-12iS #120864

Congrats to Dave, who sends us the story of how he came to build and fly his new RV-12iS!

I was about 11 years old and I always loved the idea of taking apart things, I admit having trouble getting them back together. I loved to build plastic Revell model airplanes that I hung from my ceiling in my room. I knew I wanted to do something with aviation but I did not know what that was. In my teen years I loved to go to the airport and watch the planes land with my Dad. When I was 19 I graduated high school and was given a choice, go out and sow my wild oats or go take an intro flight for $20.00 with Cessna Pilot Center. Needless to say, I was hooked as soon as we rotated in the 172 I was in. A year later I had my Private Pilot and was accepted into ERAU in their Aviation Maintenance Technology degree. Then I got a job in the late 80’s as an A&P for a regional 121 airline. In the 90’s I was getting that building itch and I really wanted to build a Lancair Kit aircraft but that never happened as things happen in our lives, and family takes a priority. I had not visited that dream again until 2013, when I was looking around for a kit to build. I found a company named Van’s Aircraft. I knew of them but I really knew nothing about them. I flew out to Oregon and had a look at their factory, and I was so impressed. After seeing their aircraft in person, I decided that the RV-12 was the best airplane for me. I placed the order and started to build. As they say, to make a long story short it took me about 6 years to build my RV-12iS. Please see the links below for the build story and the first flight videos. You don’t need to be an A&P to build these wonderful aircraft, there are many of my fellow builders that have no formal training. If you have a dream make it a reality.

Build Video – https://youtu.be/R4hHeywF4ug
Flight Video – https://youtu.be/cdGVcMkeDjw
Flight Video, directors cut – https://youtu.be/CGxDyP9rnNM

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