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David McAllister’s Two-Decade RV-6 Success! | Mojave, CA RV-6 #23947

Every now and then, we get a report of a 20-year build. David McAllister just sent in such a report on his RV-6. Congrats to David on the big finish!

“First flight on Jan 3, 2019!! Code 1 the entire Phase 1 Flight Test. Very nice flying airplane! This slow-build RV-6 was much slower than advertised, spanning over 20 years with many starts and stops. Many thanks to all my friends and family for helping me get this project to the finish line. Special thanks to Rick for help with the airworthiness and engine runs, and Coach for conducting the first flight!! And finally, extra special gratitude and gratefulness to my wife Susan for her help and sacrifice!! Finally done… Now we go fly…”

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